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, switch
- Light touch switch
- Detection of the switch
- press of a switch
- Slide switch
- Rotary switch
- power switch
- Switch switch
, potentiometer
- Rotate the potentiometer
- Sliding potentiometer
- Hollow shaft potentiometer
, sensor
- Magnetic sensor
- Air pressure sensor
- Humidity sensor
- axial magnetic sensor
- Resistive position sensor
, connector
- combined
- Memory card to use
- SIM Card
, Encoder
- Absolute Type Encoder
- Incremental Type Encoder
- Magnetic Type Encoder
- Ring Type Encoder
, Multi Control Device
- Switch Type
- Potentiometer Type
, Contactsheet(TM)
- Contactsheet™ SK5AA
- Contactsheet™ SK5AS
- Contactsheet™ SK5AN
, Magnetic Sheets Liqualloy(TM)
, Power Inductor
- High Efficient and Low Heat Type GLMC Series
- High Efficient and Large Current Type GLMD Series
- High Efficient and Large Current Type GLMH Series
, Tuner
- Digital Terrestrial Tuner
- Digital CATV Tuner
- Tuner for Automotive
, Communication Module
- Wireless LAN Module
- Bluetooth(R) Module
, Aspherical Glass Lens
- Coupling Type
- Collimator Type
- Micro Aspherical Glass Lens (for V-GROOVE)
- Square Glass Lens
, Actuators & Printer
- Actuators
- Printers
, Shaking his head switches
, Become warped plate switch
, Push button switch
, Light push button switch
, Multi-function button switch
, Key lock switches (keys)
, Rotary switch
, Slide switch
, Touch the switch
, Tilt switch
, Indicator light
, accessories
, Circular Connectors
, Rectangular Connectors
, Coaxial Connectors
, Modular Connectors
, PCB-Board-to-Board Connectors
, PCB-Board-to-Wire Connectors
, PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors
, PCB-Card Edge Connectors
, Memory Card
, Optical Connectors and Devices
, Microwave Components
, Mobile phone connector
, LVDS cable connector
, Automotive connectors
, Semi-fixed SMD fine-tuning potentiometer
, Semi-fixed fine-tuning potentiometer
, Motor winding potentiometer
SiDe electronics founded in 2002, specializing in high-end electronic components sales agent, in the exploration and practice for many years, accumulated a wealth of sales experience, with the majority of customers trust and support, won the market also won the public praise.

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To "service customers, return factory, casting self" win-win-win business philosophy, strive to become a has been trusted by the client, let the customer moved by great small company forever.

Service products:

ALPS: button switch, light touch switch, toggle switch, switch, rotary switch, power switch, potentiometer, encoder, booth, sensors, high-frequency head, aspheric lens, etc

NKK: shake head (torsional) switch, become warped plate switch, button switch, light switch, rotary switch, slide switch, key switch, touch switch, etc

HIROSE: board team board connector, threatening the wire connector, FPC/FFC connector, USB port, etc

JAE: full range of connector

TOCOS, adjustable resistors, fine-tuning potentiometer, encoder, coding switch, etc

ROHM: IC, LED, Resistor,etc

Another to undertake SMT processing, wire processing, automation equipment design and production.

Service areas: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, computer communications, office equipment, digital audio, home appliances, medical equipment, instruments and meters, tuning dimming equipment, industrial electrical, power meter,

Automation equipment, optical fiber, engineering machinery, etc.

Service tenet: professional, efficient, good faith, innovation.

service endless...


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